Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Kids running and 3 Weeks to Sydney Marathon! #marathon10

Boys warming up for fundraiser at school
Running. Work. Running. Work.

Thats been about all the news I have got for everyone. As has been the flow of the year, I have done little racing other than the marathons I have done.

I try not to blog about work, however I have been super busy with the merger between CQUniversity and CQ TAFE. We are now Queensland's first dual sector University which is exciting BUT I have been under the pump with extra work.

Anyway we are going to Sydney as a family holiday and for them to watch me run my 10th Marathon. I haven't run the Sydney Marathon, it looks specatular going over the Harbour Bridge and finishing at the Opera House. Joel also hasnt been on a plane before so it will be aweome long weekend in Sydney. Be prepared the next blog will pretty much be full of photos of my family holiday.

Hayden's first 10k!
We have finished footy for the year and a few weeks back we got the chance to run a local trail race at Byfield. Hayden really wanted to come and run it, but it was only 10k or 30k. I thought really hard about was he ready to run that far, I didnt want him to be injured or not enjoy it.

Ultimately we could just walk it if he was tired, so I agreed and we suited up in matching singlets and headed down for the race.

I wasnt sure how tough it was going to be, but I just talked him through our plan. Run when it was flat, walk the up hills and run the down hills. We executed it perfectly and with about 350m of elevation gain it was a tough run.

We set a loose time goal to run the 10k in 80 minutes, and we came through the 10k in 76 mins and finished the 10.5 in 1.19. In the last few kms we were running 5.20s making up for slower kms going up hill.

Hayden is such a positve kid, and I was so proud of him. Even as we went up the toughest hills he never complained, just focussed on walking fast and taking in enough fluid. He has been so proud of himself since - telling everyone who runs that he was the youngest kid there running!

Let me take a selfie
In the past I have done a few running trials for Scody's Research and Development team, mainly running shorts and new singlet cuts. Last week I recieved 2 awesome new garments in their new technical fabric. All I can say is WOW. I hope they put this stuff into production soon, it is so light and cool - possibly the best running shirt and singlet I have ever worn!

For those of you that havent signed up yet, registrations are open for the CQPhysio Group Capricorn Coast Running Festival - www.capcoastrun.com the last 2 years have sold out, so dont miss out!