Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Time Poor

Interesting blog by Adam "The Boring Runner" today. You can read it and put your own spin on it, but for me I live in a world of conflicting priorities.

Priority 1 - Super Dad to Hayden and Joel. My boys are at a really fun age. Nearly 8 and 5. So we spend most of weekends playing lego, going to the park watching cool Marvel movies. I know when they hit their teens I will be the dorky Dad - so I am soaking it up now.

Priority 2 - Husband of the Year to Bel. Besides the normal husband duties we have a good split with our domestic duties. I love to cook so handle most dinners, Bel loves to mop the floor 3 times a day - so we are both happy. Bel works so it can be a juggle sometimes with her working late or on the weekends. Nothing too different to most people though.

Priority 3 - Running. Well that shouldn't surprise anyone! Part of my track running is now gym work so on average I have 12 sessions (6 running and 6 gym) over a 7 day period. Most days its running before Priority 1 get out of bed and gym at lunch.

Priority 4 - HRE. I should probably put my day job (Priority 5) in here, but if this is an honest appraisal I am really working hard on building HRE with Jason. Priority 4 usually comes straight after Priority 1 has gone to bed. Although sometimes it clashes in normal work hours (thus cutting into my Priority 3 lunch workouts). All signs point to a massive Spring Classic this year lets hope it pays off and we can donate $5000 to JDRF.

Priority 5 - Work. Yep this is the one that pays the bills and sometimes moves to Priority 2. As the Safety Manager at CQUniversity myself and my team are busy dealing with normal safety dramas, meeting with stakeholders, travelling to our other campuses and generally just sitting down responding to emails and writing risk assessments and procedures. Good times.

Priority 6 - Coach. I can't believe I have time to scratch myself, but somehow Coach Hayden's Under 8's footy team. It's only half of the year, and it's great fun. I am sure dealing with the kids has accelerated my receding hairline!

"So what" I hear you say, "I am busier" "I have more important priorities"

I have no doubt that people out there are busier and have more important priorities. The point of this blog is to make sense as to why I prioritise running over doing my MBA. Adam's blog is a reminder that not all investments have an equal return. Getting in that extra 10k run might not actually make a difference in the marathon, maybe the hour is better spent playing lego with the boys or taking my wife out for a coffee date.

The problem with setting goals is that sometimes they overtake all aspects of your life and consume all available time, which can sometime become an unhealthy obsession. I personally found that with my Ultra training being Priority 1 for a large proportion of my 2012. In hindsight that wasn't good for my world/family etc.

Would love to hear from everyone else!!

PS - Time to sign up for the CQPhysio Group Spring Classic