Saturday, 29 March 2014

Buying running gear

With the start of any new goal I always go about treating myself to "get in the mood" - for marathons this means, new wheels, new socks, and a few boxes of gels.

As I've said before I'm a Nike man, so new Pegasus 30's on the way as my training mules.

New socks from Injinji - yes the toe socks, I've been in them for 4 years and they are the best!! Never any blisters with Injinji socks!!

And a few boxes of gels from Hammer Nutrition  2 of which are a new flavour Peanut Butter, they have always agreed with my stomach.

Like I said before I have no fixed goals yet, Gold Coast Marathon is first - could be struggle given my current lack of endurance!!! This week I ran 2 sets of intervals and a 5.5km run at 5.00 pace I'll slowly increase the distance but keeping that pace, no slower.

Till next week!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Returning to Marathons - Part III

Well I'm sitting in a motel in Adelaide contemplating life - thus a chance to put some thoughts on paper for 2014. Without being too hard on myself my motivation thus goals for track running in 2014 have vanished. With some changes at work I really lost all focus and direction on hitting the track.

As part of the process of letting my track goals go for the year I spent a big block of time in the gym. Generally doing Crossfit and getting stronger. My recent PBs in the gym include a 172.5kg deadlift a 115kg bench press, 135kg squat and 80kg shoulder press. I recently ran a 26.95 200m on the track.

In reading back through my blogs from 2012 I was really just burnt put from racing. I was constantly chasing personal bests and was devastated if I didn't achieve them. In running track it was something I was better at, than marathons but it really doesn't have the same "fun" aspect. I miss sharing the training prep and suffering with other marathoners.

So I'm returning to marathons - at least 2 maybe 3 this year. I'd like to run 3 and get to 10 marathons in total this year. No real fixed time goals.

I am fat and unfit BUT never been stronger or more balanced.

To give you an idea at how unfit I am - 2 years ago nearly to the day I ran my 10k PB of 43.55. On Monday I struggled through a 4k tempo in 20 minutes! 18 months ago I was running 5k in 20minutes.

So get ready for the slow and steady comeback - should be good reading as I suffer to get fit!

Stay safe