Saturday, 20 April 2013

Boston & Aussie8

This morning I had a hard track session planned, warm up, dynamic stretching then 4 x 300s on 47-48 seconds. The huge storm we got last night left the grassed track really dead and boggy in sections so I bailed on the session and headed out for a recovery run instead.

It was a great chance to clear my head.

Unless you have been living under a rock you would know about the Boston Marathon bombings, and as I type this one of the alleged bombers has been killed and the other is at large. This morning I ran for Boston.

There have been many pieces already written about the bombings, and my deepest sympathies are with the families of the lost and injured. The thing that has hit home to me, was that no runners were killed. The 3 deaths were of spectators watching. It is hard to shake the thought that my boys, my wife, my mum, my friends are the ones who are normally there watching me finish a marathon. Innocent bystanders. Not runners, but your support crew. When you personalise the loss at Boston its hard to imagine how the runners could be feeling - finishing the Boston Marathon is at the top of every marathoners bucket list. Finishing this year would leave very mixed feelings.

As I finished the easy 10k this morning, my thoughts were fixated on Boston 2015. I may have to buy my way in, but I will go there and remember them, I will run for those who cannot run.

I will Run for Boston.



For the past 10 days my recently married mate Luke (Eddie) Edwards has been setting a new World Record for the fastest summiting all 8 of Australia's state and territory highest peaks (mountains).

Click here for Aussie8 website 

The three guys have done an amazing job in managing the logistics of getting themselves from State to State and then backing up to summit these awesome mountains. Mt Ossa in Tasmania looked insane with heavy run and freezing temps - can't wait to hear all of the stories.

Having finished last night, I haven't had a chance to get all of the details so I will follow up with a blog after I get a chance to do an interview. It is an awesome achievement, and a record which I doubt will ever be broken.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Gone In 60 Seconds

Where has the last 4 months gone?! Wow! So much has happened, yet every time someone mentioned where was the blog, I felt like I didn't have enough of a story to write.

Going back and reading what I wrote last year, I realised I am a depressing melodramatic writer - so I will endeavour to write something a little more upbeat and positive for this year. As Billy (gun HRE pace runner and tax guru) said recently "man your blogs are good, but depressing" - so I will commit to writing stuff which is fun and relevant.

I really love Adam's style of blog and whilst I am not as funny as him, he certainly can get his point across in a short blog not an epic novel like I was convinced my blog needed to be like! Plus I love his crazy photos, so more of those to come!

As a recap of what has been happening here are some photos to help fill in the blanks.

Joel finally has his training wheels off! Go Joel!

Eddie and Bonnie got married - such a great day!

Bel and I at the wedding, first night away from the kids for Bel in 2 years!

Boys growing up too fast!!

Which gets me onto my running plans. At the end of last year I had a little break from structured running. I was feeling a little drained from the lack of results and a couple of bad races where things didn't go to plan.

I rode my road bike a lot, did a bit of training with Big M and even cracked a 100km ride! I won't lie, cycling was fun, and it gave me some time to really think about my purpose in running.

It was around this time that Jason suggested working on my strengths - not fighting them.

By this he meant throwing some effort into shorter distance running, where my power and speed would be more beneficial rather than endurance running.

Now it seems kinda crazy to finally write this, but I won't be running a marathon this year. I might not even run a race longer than 10km! I have decided to give shorter running, particularly Master Track racing a go.

What no marathons, I hear you say! Yep that's right. No marathons on the approved travel plan for this year. Besides Jason and Ben, most other runners have been perplexed by the move. I feel like I am constantly justifying what I am doing, pretending like I don't care, and that I'm just stuffing around.

Well I am not.

I am deadly serious about making it count. I'm pouring a heap of hours into the gym to build a powerful weapon of a body, and after my first track event in Brisbane in March - really feel like I have found my niche and moving in the right direction.

So the plan this year is to race only up to 5km locally and travel for another 1 or 2 Masters track events. There are a couple of races later in the year, and if all goes to plan and my times are heading in the right direction - I plan to run the Australian Masters Track and Field Championships next March in Tasmania.

The events I will focus on will be the 200, 400 and 800 meters. I ran the 1500 at the Queensland Masters Champs, but didn't enjoy the event like the 400 and 800.

Gold medals from Masters State Champs
So to answer the question that so many have asked "When will I come back to real running?"and by real running the reference is marathons and ultras, well not till at least April/May 2014. Depending on my enjoyment with the track experience, it could be a lot longer. Running fast is FUN! My goal for the 400m is to run a sub 57 seconds race - thus gone in 60 seconds.

With regards to HRE events, they are anything like a sprint!  Jason and I have been working everyday on increasing our events. In early January we had a meeting about growing the business and met with the local council about the process for approvals to close down roads to run our events. Its a big step (and expense for us), but the only way in which we can deliver runners the "big city race experience" is to hold events that are on fully closed courses. Its certainly isn't a quick, easy (or inexpensive) process to put running events on, with months and months of boring behind the scenes work we are really close to announcing the new events and locations for 2013, we will also be launching a new website!

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I'm sorry this has been massively long.

Be safe on the roads!