Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Race Week

Its been a weird journey this past 6 months since I raced in March. There have been times when I have had no motivation to train, and it was difficult dragging myself out of bed to the track for another solo session - other times it has come easy.

My body composition has finally started to change shape from a bigger marathoner to a powerful track runner - I am back in the gym regularly 4-5 sessions a week and in the past month have really been consistent with a speed/power program designed to sharpen me up for the races this weekend. I am still probably carrying a little too much body fat, nothing a few tweaks to my diet over summer wont fix.

If I am honest, I missed the Gold Coast Marathon race week. Just the buzz of GC and after PB'ing last year it holds a positive memory from my last visit. I also miss the road trips with Ben and Rodney. We had a heap last year, and it was a great way to share our plans and just have "boys time" on the road. Having someone share the event certainly makes the whole race experience more fun.

With Ben heading back to New Zealand a month ago - you realise how short lifes experiences are. In the last few weeks before he left we crammed in a few extra catch ups, when there is an "end" to something isnt it stupid that you then try and make the most out of it. The same could be said for friendships in general and the time we have with our loved ones. Life is way to short to be waiting for tomorrow. Ben has taught me many lessons with his experiences, the biggest one is to enjoy life and take the opportunity to explore whilst you can. He has lived in NZ, USA and Australia and travelled to Eurpoe and USA to race triathlon. No regrets about those life experiences.

With Ben heading back it also makes me think about losing another close friend, staying in one location (Rockhampton) over the years has resulted in me having a heap of friends who no longer live here. Donald, Luke, Monica, Greg, Ben. I have included my sister in the mix, as I really miss her being in my boys life and growing up. Maybe once she has her baby at the end of the year she will move back!

With regards to racing and training - after this weekend, I am going to invest a solid 12 weeks of gym work to get stronger and leaner. With an eye on the Qld Masters State Champs again in March 2014. I am thinking I might try and sneak to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast for a couple of other events over the summer - just to keep a race focus.

This weekend, I am racing the 200m, 400m and 800m. My goals are fairly loose. I would love to run under 27 for the 200, and finally have an offical time of under 60 seconds for the 400m. I am feeling quite quick and have run some grass track PBs recently so hope they convert to speedy times on the tartan.

The trip is also a family holiday so looking forward to enjoying time with my boys and Bel. They are growing up super fast.

Catch you next week