Thursday, 16 May 2013

Will you conquer the Mountain! New HRE Event!

12 months ago I was in the Blue Mountains getting ready for the biggest race of my life.

12 months ago I was an Ultra Runner and solely focused on getting that buckle and finishing under 20hrs at The North Face 100.

A lot can change in 12 months.  Track is back.

In preparation for TNF last year I ran Mt Archer a lot, I learnt to love the suffering up the Mountain and would often complete the 20km round trip from my house to the summit of Mt Archer and back before work in the morning. It was good hard running.

Last week we were excited to finally open the registrations for our new event the Highpoint Access and Rescue King of the Mountain (KOM). Time to lock in the 15th of June into your calendar - this event is a must for anyone who wants an "official" summit time. Race will be from the Pilbeam Drive sign to the summit. I know there are a lot of walkers who do this, and I have seen them power up there - would love to know their times. The event is for both walkers and runners up the mountain 

Registrations here:

This event will once again provide the bells and whistles that you expect from a HRE event, like electronic timing, a fully closed race course, adequate aid stations, finishers recovery area, race photographer - and especially important for a mountain event - buses back down.

Last year my best time was a sub 35 minute summit, for the near 5km run up the road to the top. With a little over 500m of elevation gain in 5km it certainly is a tough run. I know Ben and Michael can summit in under 30 minutes - sub 30 minutes is insane.

My best effort on the mountain was a "triple" - that's 3 consecutive summits in a row. All up that's 30km with 1500m of elevation gained and descended. I did this with Ben and Rod and I don't know of anyone who has done a quad (4 summits) but if someone is out there - let me know!

For those wondering how my track training is going, I must admit I am riding a huge improvement wave at the moment. I have dragged Ben to the track a couple of times, but he complains of feeling dizzy after!

Last week I was away for work and was able to hit the tartan track in Bundy. Although I got caught in a storm and it was raining I ran a really solid 200m in 28.00 seconds and a new track PB (self timed). So I am heading toward running in the low 27s for the 200m and my goal of a sub 58 400 is looking likely this race season.

Good luck to all TNF 100 racers this weekend, special shout out to Marty, Gav and Raelene who are heading down for Wilsons Promontry 100km.