Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lost in Thoughts - January 366km of Running

Its a nice feeling when you are running, not pushing the pace, and the miles to fly by. Not all of the time, but a vast majority of the time you are just lost in thought.

The past week or so I have really been thinking of mistakes that I have made, you know "life's lessons". I have made a few with running, racing, at work, in business, and in relationships. Some of them I dwell on more than others, wishing I had a time machine to go back and change the way things ended - or change my approach or reaction to certain events.

Some of these moments provide a catalyst for change, some of them I just realise they we were part of growing up and finding out what really matters. Friendships in particular are a common thought as I run along. I have lost touch with friends (as I assume most people have) for different reasons, and dont spend/talk to other friends as much as I used to.

As my family grow up, I am spending more quality time with them. Possibly thats the reason that some connections are being lost with friends. The boys go from needing someone to feed them and change a nappy to someone to talk to them and interact. Thinking of the past, I remember being in primary school wishing my dad didnt work so much and that we got to do more cool stuff together. By the time I was in high school, all I wanted to do is hang out with mates/girls. I want to make sure I dont make the same mistakes, that I am there to hang out with them, talk to them, do cool stuff that they are interested in. Just MAKE the time.

January provided me with a chance to test out what my body is capable of, and what the potential volume could be for me going forward. Chris my coach and I have been working on setting up Jan as another month of build, so we moved to 80km plus per week. I ended up having a few "holiday" runs as extras so my total volume was up for the month.

  • My body is holding up really well.
  • I can handle 82km over 5 runs quite easily.
  • I am feeling mentally fresh, the runs arent taxing as they are base building, so I throw a few quicker k's in ever now and then.
  • I am sleeping pretty well, although I am looking forward to cooler weather, starting a little later in the morning. The plan is to wake at 5am instead of 4.20am - which is when I have been getting up to avoid the sun!
  • I am looking forward to some speed work! Which is weird to say, but I am really ready to start some harder running in March.
  • I miss racing - I only ran 4 marathons last year, not really raced them as I wasnt fit - really looking forward to racing again now that I have some volume in my legs and lungs
Recently I did an interview for another blog - Sarah. She actually puts effort into her blog!
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  1. I love that special sweet spot when you feel like you can run endlessly and you accidentally clock up more mileage than you initially set out. Enjoy the extra mileage and the speedwork when that comes along!