Saturday, 29 March 2014

Buying running gear

With the start of any new goal I always go about treating myself to "get in the mood" - for marathons this means, new wheels, new socks, and a few boxes of gels.

As I've said before I'm a Nike man, so new Pegasus 30's on the way as my training mules.

New socks from Injinji - yes the toe socks, I've been in them for 4 years and they are the best!! Never any blisters with Injinji socks!!

And a few boxes of gels from Hammer Nutrition  2 of which are a new flavour Peanut Butter, they have always agreed with my stomach.

Like I said before I have no fixed goals yet, Gold Coast Marathon is first - could be struggle given my current lack of endurance!!! This week I ran 2 sets of intervals and a 5.5km run at 5.00 pace I'll slowly increase the distance but keeping that pace, no slower.

Till next week!


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