Thursday, 2 February 2012

HRE joins with JDRF

Me: “Gee writing a decent blog about diabetes is hard”
Jason: “Try LIVING with it!”
Huge news last week, Jason and I can confirm that Human Race Events will be partnering with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) as our official charity partner. When looking for a charity partner it really was a no brainer, and it’s an awesome feeling knowing we will be able to directly contribute to fund diabetes research, JDRF do fantastic work and it is a privilege to be able to partner with an International Charity.
If you didn’t already know Jason and his younger brother Troy have Type 1 diabetes (Click here to learn about Type 1 Diabetes ), before I met Jason I had some exposure to it through a much younger cousin, but have never known an athlete who has Type 1.
For me it was such a learning curve watching Jason attempt to balance blood sugar, training and insulin. When Jason and I started to run together in January of 2009 we ran after work, often once my boys were in bed – so 8pm runs were the norm. Often a run was cut short due to Jason having low blood sugar and needing to head back home for more sugar. One run was quite scary, his vision was going on him and we were a while from home – we made it back just in time, but it highlighted to me how much harder his running journey was compared to mine.
Like all Diabetics it is a constant cycle of monitoring your intake of food, blood sugar and insulin. Jason has had a number of races where his performance on the day wasn’t linked to his training effort, but to his body’s limitations. For me as a training partner it was a sobering thought that he can invest all of that time, all of those kilometres to never have the reward and it made me realise that bitching about a sore foot really isn’t that bad. Jason’s diabetes is a major source my runspiration how hard can I push myself? How far? How long? I have a working pancreas so really no excuse not to!
More recently Jason has turned himself into a half man, half robot. He has an insulin pump Click here to read about Insulin Pumps – it has really improved his performance, especially as the events get longer. Last year Jason and I ran the Brisbane Marathon and tore big chunks off our marathon personal bests. Jason raced like a demon and I believe it was having his pump dialled in correctly to supply the right amount of insulin for the gels he was taking, that helped him run a 3.36 marathon – which I would give my left arm to run! If you are wondering if you should get a pump, Jason is a massive source of info about how they work.
So what research does JDRF do? Essentially JDRF is set up to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Remembering that insulin is a treatment not a cure, so research work needs to continue to find a cure. Click here for research that JDRF does
HRE is going to be making a contribution to JDRF via the Spring Classic event this year using . We will also be working to raise awareness in Rockhampton of the other fundraisers that are also happening like their Walk for a Cure events,  Ride to Cure Diabetes, and Jelly Baby Month (in May).
What can you do to help? If you are on Facebook go and like their page Facebook JDRF Queensland  - it will help to raise awareness of JDRF. When the time comes in September, bring your friends and family to run at the Spring Classic. This year we will have a half marathon, 10km, a 5km fun run/walk and a 2km kids dash – so events for everyone from serious runners to walkers just wanting to stay fit.
We are looking forward to bringing you more exciting info about JDRF fundraising events in the coming months, so stay tuned!

My running over the last couple of weeks has been pretty solid, Run Benny Boy Run recently had a blog about the heat/humidity (which is killing me) and The Tattoo Runner blogged about weight loss. Both of these topics have been big conversation points at my house, I’ve been losing some weight since my Ultra thus not eating crap and of course the humidity is making me a wet mess after each training session (Bel loves washing)!
We had a mini race last week, I ran the 6.4km race at the end of a 101km week and felt tired and flat BUT ran pretty good (for me), Hayden really killed the 3.2km race – I am secretly excited about taking him back to Gold Coast to run the 2km kids dash again this year. Yes I know I am living my life through my sons, but he is having fun so if he didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t register him. Shouldn't that be a lesson for all of us, if running becomes a chore, don't do it?

In the last couple of weeks since I blogged I have registered for another Ultra the Nerang 50km on the 1st of April (who is the fool J) which will be my tester race before The North Face. Benny, Rodney and Eddie are running it, so gives me something else to obsess about before TNF. Ben ran it last year and he said it was pretty tough (he did finish 7th overall) so it could be another long day for me!
Be safe on the roads and stay hydrated!

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