Sunday, 29 July 2012

Launch of CQPhysio Group Spring Classic

I had originally planned to do a bit of a race review of the other Rocky Road Runners -  but RunBennyBoyRun sort of stole my thunder... thanks Ben!

Then sh!t got crazy. That was a month ago!

Jason and I started pulling everything together for the CQPhysio Group Spring Classic. When I say crazy I mean, really nuts. Working late most nights on the "back end" of the event, this includes building websites, registration platforms, singlet design, Risk Management plans, obtaining insurance etc etc. Plus we have our own training to do, which is fairly intense for me and about 20hrs a week for Jason. Plus we have our day jobs and I've also got my boys. Somewhere in there is sleep. No wonder we are both regularly threatened with divorce!!!

Last year HRE brought the big city race experience to Rocky and this year we wanted to build on the event to really ensure everyone leaves with great memories of a great race.

We had a ball delivering the race. It is actually more rewarding for me to see someone set a PB at OUR event than it is to run one yourself. My sister smashed her 5k PB, Big M ran a 10k PB and we had a lot of first timers at our event last year, I loved it. HRE introduced many new runners to "the family", it was very satisfying to see plenty of running virgins finish their maiden races.

So what is in store this year???

A pretty good question. We have added the Half Marathon and a kids 2k dash to the event. The Half Marathon will be perfect for a your first attempt at 21.1. There are no time cutoffs, so if you are unsure of how long you are going to take you need not worry, the course will be open as long as it takes for the last finisher to cross the line. There will be great aid stations carrying Endura and Honey Shotz - and of course a finishers medal for all Half Marathoners. Who stages a Half Marathon without a finishers medal! I believe the Half Marathon is the perfect distance for any recreational runner - it doesn't require crazy amounts of training and is still a massive achievement for any runner.

The kids dash will be great fun for the under 12s. I personally think it is very important to role model healthy behaviours for our kids, and provide safe and fun environments for them to do it. Both of my boys will be running - and it will be Joel's first race.

So with 4 events we really will have an event for everyone!
Seeing the CQPhysio Group Spring Classic singlets at every running event in Rocky this year has given me a big kick. The 2012 singlets are RED and we only have 200, so you better get in quick and register - they will sell out quickly.

The other huge news which I blogged about earlier is that JDRF are our official charity partner. We will be making a large contribution to JDRF on your behalf if you race with us at the CQPhysio Group Spring Classic.

September 16 is going to ROCK we will have a live band playing at the race precinct, Rocky's elite as our pace runners, muffins by Degani's and live race commentary. You will also be able to check your race time and place straight after you finish on your iPhone! How awesome is that!

Time to "pull the trigger" and register - come and sign up at


In racing news, Jason has finally cracked a win on the local cycling scene. It was really emotional yesterday watching him race the Rockhampton King of the Mountain (KOM) - and win "B" grade by over 90 seconds. He has been close to a victory lately, including a puncture late in the race last week BUT finally he was able to show us what he is made of.

Cycling is a hard sport to know where you at. In comparison to running, where you are VERY comparable to other athletes, cycling involves many types of races (crit, road race, hill race, time trial) it is often hard to know where you sit in the pecking order. Running offers a distance/time comparison which is very easy for everyone to know how good you are. I am a 3.45 marathoner, 43.55 10k - you could go out and run those distances tomorrow and know if you are a faster runner than I am.

Yesterdays race up Mt Archer is a real comparison though, no tactics, no slip streaming, just PURE effort. What is really great is that Jason's time gives everyone a chance to see if they are faster than he is. Is he REALLY that good, has quitting running been worth it? SO if you are sort of wondering how fit he is - go and ride from the Mt Archer sign at the base the top in 22 minutes 49 seconds. A word of warning, the last time I tried to ride it - I didn't even make the 2k point of the 4.9k summit!

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  1. Looking forward to the Spring Classic. and having a crack at Jason's Mt Archer time

  2. Also looking forward to the Spring Classic but don't think I'll ever give Jason any competition...ever, at any time. Ever.