Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Numbers - TNF 100 Training a Review

For a bit of fun this week I thought I would put together some numbers regarding my TNF 100 training.
As I said last week my training plan began on the 14th of August 2011:
·         Total training phase 40 weeks or 280 days
·         Over the 40 weeks I would have run a total of 2913kms
·         Average weekly running is 72.85km/week
·         Total training hours including gym, bike and running 535 hours (approximately)
·         9 weeks with a weekly total more than 100km   
·         2 official Ultra Marathons (Hounds and Hares 54km and Nerang 50km)
·         53km longest training run – Rockhampton to Yeppoon to Emu Park
·         10 runs of 40km or longer (that is about a marathon every 4 weeks)
Personal Bests – over the past 40 weeks I have set a number of running personal bests they include:
·         5km PB of 21.20
·         10km PB of 43.55
·         42.2km training “Marathon” PB of 3.49.00
·         Run the Great Whitsunday Walk 28km Trail Run 3.33.37 (PB of 35minutes from 2009)
·         4 wins from 4 starts Frenchville Frogs Short Course Duathlon – series champion
·         King of Mountain 47.30 (PB of 9minutes 10 seconds from 2011)
·         I have worn out 4 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of Nike Pegasus, 1 pair of Nike Vomero and a pair of Salomon XR Cross Max
·         I have used 4 boxes of gels, 3 boxes of honey shots and 3 containers of Hammer Perpetuem
·         I have worn out 2 pairs of compression shorts, a pair of 2XU Compression Shorts and a pair of Performaxx Compression Shorts

·         ZERO - the number of movies I have seen at the cinema the past 40 weeks – actually the last movie a saw at the cinema with Bel was Avatar!
·         1000 - the number of beers I missed out on drinking with my neighbours on the Friday and Sunday afternoon drinks and Golf Days Trent has organised
·         100 – the number of times I have fallen asleep in Joel or Hayden’s bed reading them a story!
It is only for a laugh, so don’t take my training volume or plan as gospel. If you have the urge to run the TNF 100 next year please don’t hesitate to drop me an email humanraceevents@hotmail.com or Facebook me at www.facebook.com/HREoz happy to share my experiences and point you in the right direction of some awesome people who can help you.
This weekend is also another big one for racing, with the Noosa Winter Festival providing a playground for runners and cyclists. Jason is off to do the 160km ride and my sister is racing the half marathon in her first big event of 2012. She has really been concentrating on her speed work, so it will be interesting to see how her hard work has paid off. Fingers crossed that she PB's and Jason is in the front bunch.
I am in taper mode, which is a little weird after 125km last week. My Saturday run with Benny went very well; it was 45km including a full walking summit of Mt Archer. Some real specific work in prep for the walking at TNF. Nutrition and hydration was excellent, and so too was the pacing. Benny and I both finished hungry to run another 5km to take us up to 50k, but both our wives expected us home – so being “husbands of the year” we called it a day. It was extremely satisfying to feel capable of running more. There is little more I can do other than to freshen up, get some sleep and enjoy the taper.
With a little over 2 weeks till the race – I am a mixture of excitement and nervousness. In reflection of the effort and time it takes to get to this point, I sometimes feel very guilty about the effort and  some of the forced changes to our family life. It comes with the territory when “TNF Fever” strikes and all you talk about is gear, nutrition, shoes, running, vomiting etc. Lucky I have the best wife in the world who understands that this is important to me.
Enjoy the taper

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