Saturday, 16 June 2012

I am doing a NUDE race!

So I have been on the look out for the next challenge, sure I want to run faster BUT there are some other crazy things that sound like fun. Marty (White Caviar) just came back from a 48hr adventure race, it involved a team of 4 to trek, mountain bike, swim, raft there way through a course. Marty's account sounded bloody insane, the trail running was more like bush trekking - no trails just searching for checkpoints!

Jason said a couple of weeks ago that I should do a race NUDE. I thought about it for a while and yep I am going to give it a go!

So I went home and found this link to a race in the States

I told Jason about it, he said not a NUDE race, but run a race with no Garmin or watch, no pressure just go and enjoy it.

Now that is scary! Imagine turning up to a race, or even a training run and not knowing how far you have run, what pace you are doing, if you are on track for a PB, how many calories you have burnt and what your average pace is!!

I am a numbers man, I love the data of a GPS, I love knowing how fast, far etc I have run.
Its been over 2 years since I bought her, and we have been around the block a "few times"! I am an addict, I never ever run without my Garmin 310XT. Every run, she is with me, that familiar beep when I turn it on, beep and vibrate with every km passed, the split time on the screen after each km, average pace and distance when I am finished. I love it.

But the Garmin is also a curse. Sometimes you are having a strong run, but the numbers tell you that you are running slow turtle pace. Other times you look down and think, gee that's too fast I better slow down, which you do. The Garmin provides instant feedback, the data sometimes is at odds with how you are feeling, either during racing or training.

I've accepted Jason's challenge and committed to my first ever NUDE race, it is going to be Gold Coast Marathon this year. I will be running IN CLOTHES but with no watch. To be honest I would rather be running in the nude than without the watch!

The plan is to just enjoy Gold Coast, I have no real time goal. Sub 4hrs would be nice, but I plan to just run this race and enjoy it. Obviously after TNF I need to give myself some time to chill out and relax about running. Marathons, particularly Gold Coast are so much fun - big mega events like GC have an awesome atmosphere. So that is what I plan to do. Go down, soak up the atmosphere and just RUN on Sunday the first of July.

I would love to hear from you if you are running any of the races at Gold Coast this year, send me a message or an email, or facebook us at - I will feature everyone who I know that is running in next weeks blog. I will make you famous!

2 weeks till Gold Coast!!!

Time to taper


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  1. Always run nude. never check stopwatch or iPhone until the end of my training session or event. This controls my anxiety and expectations, In my first marathon run at Barossa in South Australia, when at 2 km from finish was surprised with my time, which gave great satisfaction. Nude Running give me a good result. K Austin