Monday, 19 January 2015

January Update and Training

For once my training over summer has been really solid. Through December I logged over 70km per week average and this month I am on track to average over 85km per week.

The most pleasing thing is that I have created some new running habbits and have built a real consistancy to what I am doing, no mega peaks then weeks off. I am on my 15th week of 70km+ with no weeks off or rest weeks.

At the moment I am running 6 sessions over 5 days, with a lot of room to build more volume. Mentally I wish I could bottle this feeling - I am super motivated and enjoying my running. Also possibly due to being really relaxed and running just lower HR stuff and not pushing too hard.

I have also signed up for my first race, the 5km at the Twilight Running Festival 22nd of March. I plan to have a real crack at breaking my 5km PB which is currently at 19.48 - although I set that with Ben in a training run and not in a race. My race PB is 20.20.

After twilight I will set my sights on the Noosa Festival and run the half marathon there. The plan is to go all out and run under 1.40 - again dependant on how my training is going, and use it as a solid prep for the GC Marathon.

My weight loss has also been pretty good, although being away from work and routine has slowed the loss. I didnt gain anything over the Xmas/New Year break, and I was away on the Sunshine Coast last week and didnt gain either. I have been pretty solid with my meal choices and snacks, having a few beers was always on the plan.

With regards to racing weight, I am focussed on getting to 69kg by the end of February. That will allow me to race in March at that weight, and apply speed work etc. to my lighter frame. Who knows if it will be low enough or too low. Once I am there, I plan to race from March through to October at that weight, not play around with anything until after the Melbourne Marathon.

Speaking of months, I made a little new years resolution to set monthly goals. For running, for work and personally. I have started this for January and are on track, its correlates with my new training plans I have been getting from my coach - just a chance to sit down and reassess the month, and what needs to be achieved for the next month. I like goals and what to make the process of ticking off the goals with more structure, that way if a race doesnt pan out - I dont go too crazy and want to change everything.

So really this is just an update blog, I am on track to have a big year, feeling focussed and in a great headspace to enjoy the running year.

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