Friday, 31 August 2012

Blatant Advertising – Honey Shotz

So this past week has involved some easy running, that was until Sunday when the unofficial Turkey Chase was run! It was a recovery week, and I should have been taking it easy BUT when Leah announced we were heading up the trail on Sunday it was too good of a chance to return to the trail.
So I busted out the Salomon’s and filled up the hydration pack, and got to spend some time on the trail. The “some time” ended up being 4hrs worth, and to be honest it was really great to be back out on the dirt, walking, running and generally having a laugh.
There were a heap of us there from Team HRE, Benny, Rodney, Raelene, Gav, Greg and Miles. Greg had decided to see what all the fuss was about. As it was Greg’s first trip up Mt Archer we took it pretty easy, on the return trip it heated up but we pushed on. It was really great to be back out there running the familiar trail.
Plenty of firsts for Greg, first trail run and first fall! HA! All part of the fun.
On the way back I remembered I had some Honey Shotz left over from the race last weekend. This gets me onto the Blatant Advertising part of the blog! I rate Honey Shotz as the BEST newcomer to the nutritional market in the past 12 months.
Sure its “just honey” – but honey is such a great source of energy when you are running. As it is all natural, there is nothing to interfere with you digestive system. Honey Shotz also come in 100kj sized packs, so a ¼ of a gel. This makes them awesome to have in between a gel OR if you are replacing a gels altogether one every 10-20 minutes.
The way I use them most, is on a 15-20km run, having one every 5km. Just to give you a little more blood sugar. A whole gel can often produce a spike and a crash, but with Honey Shotz you can sort of “drip feed” your system.
Joel my youngest boy call the draw where I put all of my running gear, the “Honey Draw”. It took me a while to realise he was sneaking in there and eating the Honey Shotz without me knowing!! I’ve had to put the box up in the cupboard now!
HRE are really excited to have Honey Shotz on board as our nutrition sponsor for the CQPhysio Group Spring Classic. They will be on course at all of the aid stations. As the aid stations are so close, you will be able to use the “drip feed” approach if you are doing the half marathon, and take one at each aid station.

Speaking of the Spring Classic we shot the video - it was a little windy, but I think it turned out really well!!
There are still a few spots left on the kids race, so I really encourage you to register your kids for the 2k dash. Each kid will receive an awesome t-shirt, and finishers medal. Active kids are happy and healthy kids, my boys are proof!

Last but certainly not least, a big shout out to Rodney who is doing the 1600km Smiddy Challenge starting tomorrow. Yep that's 1600km of bike riding over 8 days! Crazy! It is all for a great cause, raising money for Cancer so best of luck to him!!! You can track him at this web page

Watch for magpies if you are on a bike!


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