Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Its quite fitting that I write this on September 11, the date of last years event!

As you can imagine life at Human Race Events HQ has been insano!

Not even sure that is a word, but it surely describes how Jason and I both feel. This year the organisation has gone to another level and we have spent a lot of extra time getting all of the details right. For those of you that work and have a hobby business, you know what I mean. Both Jason and I have day jobs as Safety Professionals, and then after hours squeeze in the other work required to make the magic that is the "CQPhysio Group Spring Classic".

As we both train in the morning, nights are the only time available. The other barrier this year is that we don't train together. Last year we were able to cover off a lot of stuff on long runs or mid week runs, this year it has all been a lot of email and phone. Not ideal!

There is an incredibly strong bond of trust between the both of us, something which if we didn't have, would make doing this impossible. When destiny brought me a training buddy, it brought with it a mentor, coach, sounding board, counsellor, cheer squad, business partner and mate. I am sure this week will have a few more surprises for us, I am just so lucky to have Jas in the trench with me.

The best thing though is that the pain is nearly over (for us), and if you have kept up to date with Facebook the event is a near sell out. The 5km and 10km races are full and at the time of typing only a couple of spots left in the half and kids dash. This is quite remarkable, we will have over 400 runners racing on Sunday, that is TWICE as many as 2011.

It certainly feels like Christmas!! Bring on the weekend!

In Ultra news - Benny, Marty (White Caviar), Gavin, Raelene & Matt (Tattoo Runner) are off to smash it up down at the Glasshouse 100. Yep that is 100 MILES not 100km!!!! This is Australia's oldest hundred miler and Benny is back to make up for his DNF last year. Matt has been running really well and I expect him to sneak under 24hrs (yes 24hrs of running). Gav and Marty have their first crack at the distance, and hopefully Raelene's injured ankle is OK and she can run the 100k.

Its a funny feeling, because a big part of me is really jealous and wants to be trail running with them, but as you know I have chosen the path to get fast and efficient. I wish them all the best on Saturday/Sunday.

Big Rodney has just arrived back from his epic 1600km Brisbane to Townsville Smile for Smiddy Challenge. Yes don't adjust your screens BRISBANE to TOWNSVILLE in 8 days! NUTS!!! I wont go into too many details, as I will interview Rod this week and you will have a RideRodRide interview in couple of weeks with some photos etc. All I can say is I am both impressed and inspired to do more to help raise funds for charities!

Jason has refused to give me an interview, choosing instead to "fly under the radar" - but he raced locally on the weekend for a second place in the Rocky Cycling Club Road Championships "B" Grade. This is bloody impressive and goes with his B Grade King of the Mountain win a month ago. Having been on the bike for a little over 12 months it is nothing short of extroadinary. Hard work pays off. I am sorry that you cant race this weekend in the Criterium championships as you will be working the microphone at the Spring Classic!! At least you will give some of the other guys a chance at a podium!

Come Sunday, if you are running you will experience the BEST race that has ever been put on in CQ. No exceptions. Remember we ARE runners too - and we want your race day to be a special memory.

When you cross that line Sunday you will be part of "the family", our family that is Human Race Events.

Best of luck to everyone.

"Running is not what I DO, but who I AM" - Sean Peckover

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