Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lost and Found

Cannot believe that it's been 2 months since I blogged. Plenty of crazy stuff happening, just not motivated to put pen to paper.

Sorry I have been lazy with the blog posts. I am back on track now!

I have started the "Run Rails Run" interview, it is in draft and should go up by the end of the week. Thanks for the questions - I have tried to include them in the blog.

So what's new?! Jason and Vicky have had their baby, a little beautiful girl Makenzie. She is nearly 3 weeks old now, it certainly is bringing back some memories for Bel and I remembering when Hayden and Joel were born.

Hayden and Mak

On the running front, I had a tough run down at Toowoomba half marathon. I blew myself up running too hard too early! WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN!

A week later I ran the Rocky Road Runners Pink Ribbon Run and finished 5th overall, my garmin had me finish at 20.37 for a touch under 5km. Not quite a PB as I have recently run a 19.48 with Benny, but the course was a tough one. Besides winning the short course duathlons last season, this is the highest I have ever finished at a running race, pretty happy with the progress so far.

Rod and I did a 3hr Mountain Bike Enduro - we finished 4th in our category! Which is pretty awesome considering I am a runner, and Rod is tentative riding hard on the trails with that huge plate in his arm. It was great fun, I am keen do more MTB riding in the future. I came off a number of times, nothing bruised but my ego!

Post race beers

What is next? Well we have the Movember run coming up this weekend, which is another local race. There is an 8km event, which is perfect as I have been doing some harder running in preparation for a 15km race on the Gold Coast on the 9th of December.

Whilst on the subject of Movember - I am doing it again, which is my 7th year of trying to grow a Mo! If you have a spare $5 please pop over to my Mospace and donate. It is for a great cause.

I've tried to use Instagram to make my mo look better FAIL
Of course the planning has started for 2013 including what races I am thinking of running. I am locked into doing the Great Ocean Road (GOR) Marathon in May. All of the local guys have said it is a ripper of a course, everyone has run a PB there. The other reason is that Greg has moved back to Geelong so accommodation and sightseeing is already locked in! It will end up being a pretty cheap trip (note the fun police are onto me about spending too much money on races).

So thats about it. A new blog is coming this week and then a Movember Race blog, so I am back on track with some content for the next month!

PS - I found an insanely funny running blog whilst I was "working" hard last Friday afternoon. Check it out if you like funny running blogs :) 

Be safe running out there!

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