Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Too far in to back out #PexRunsGOR

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Ever get that feeling where you over commit and realise that this probably won't end well?

I had that feeling last week on my mid week longish run with Brendan, we headed out reasonably early and locked into a solid but comfortable pace. Cruising down Dean St where it is a slight drop in elevation I noticed that we both had stopped talking and were pushing a little harder than was the original "plan".

All seemed to be going well until around 15km when I started to feel cooked, my legs just seemed to be dying and I couldn't hold the pace. Brendan (from where I was looking) looked really solid, his gait was awesome and he wasn't fading or slowing. We grabbed a drink at 16km and I said I was done, we cruised the last couple of KMs home and I was disappointed that we didn't get the 20km in.

As I sat at my desk at work I started to have a little panic attack. What have I done? I couldn't get through 20km how the f$%k am I going to get through 42.2 (45km). We ran 18km at 5.35pace ave with only 3 really short drink breaks. A long way from the 4.58pace we need for a sub 3.30 marathon.

Originally I thought I would set a couple of smaller time goals for the marathon. Run a 1.55 half marathon, then see how I felt - if I felt good push along for a 4.00 marathon. I am so far away from having any endurance it is not funny. The mind is willing but the body is rebelling. WTF are we doing this for again!

More positively we were able to crush a couple of endurance interval sets. I see no point in doing short speed sessions, I have that ability to run 400s fast. I need to be doing longer intervals, hard and hold stuff. Last week we did 4x6min intervals and this week it was 5x1km intervals. Both sessions were tough but bang on the times we required.

By October I would like to be in sub 19 minute 5km shape and 43 minute 10km shape. They are 2 achievable PBs that will make sure I am on track for a good crack at 3.30 in Melbourne.

In regards to Great Ocean Road Marathon next week - I have adjusted my thinking to simply surviving. Just grinding out the KMs and trying to soak up the view. I am worried about how much I will be falling apart in the last 15km but I've committed now and gone too far to back out.

Marathon number 8 awaits.


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