Monday, 16 June 2014

3 weeks till Gold Coast Marathon #GCAM14

So the last two weeks I have been sick, which hasn't been fun. Not the normal type of get sick for a couple of days then get better - but the dreaded flu where you don't get better but gradually worse.

I had 2 long runs where I was sick one of them was OK but the second one it was like I had no gas in my lungs and my legs were shot. I ended up on the couch all day Saturday in a coma like state - but must finally have it out of my system as I'm feel much better today.

Given that it is a touch under 3 weeks until Gold Coast I should report on how the training has been going. Brenden and I have knocked out a few impressive sessions, KM repeats on the 4.00min/km mark, and few longer tempo runs. We ran a solid 140 minutes of hills 2 weekends ago, so everything has been going along pretty well considering, except being sick.

We have also settled on a race plan, which is to run 5.00 pace for as long as possible. My goal is just to suffer for as long as possible at 5.00 pace, hopefully I will be around 21km and then just grind out the remaining 21km. My idea is just to see where I am at, and how much work is still left to do by Melbourne where we are aiming to run a 3.30 marathon.

I haven't approached a marathon like this before, so it will be fun to see how it feels. Just going out with a plan to blow up.

Being sick for last weeks long run meant the distance and quality was well below what I wanted to run, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I really have to just knuckle down for the next 19 days and keep the intensity up.

Having Brenden check in on my illness has also ensured I rest where required (like last week taking an extra day off), its been great having someone monitor you on a daily basis.

Hopefully I will get a chance to race in the local Rocky Road Runners 5km if the kids aren't playing footy out of town!

Run Safe


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