Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kids Running #RunForFun #TeamPEX

Seems to be a bit of traffic lately around how young is too young to be running.

As a kid I wasn't very athletic, I tried but due to carrying a bit of extra weight never excelled. That changed in high school and I was able to be quite competitive especially sprinting.

I never pressure my boys to run, I never say they have to run, or train or ride their bikes. I am not results focused for them, I really just want them to have fun being kids. Hayden is 8 and Joel is 5, so plenty of time to be training for real in the future.

But kids being kids they watch what dad does, and I have a bit of a collection of running medals happening, they have watched me run Marathons, halfs, and more recently track events. They know the drill, you run hard then you get a medal!

Both have run kids dash events, and Hayden has run a few 5kms. His 5km time last year was 25 minutes which is pretty good for a 7yo kid at the time.

Today's blog and photos is really a blog for the future, when the are both old enough to understand how proud I am that they are running and being active. That's not to say they have to be runners in the future, but I believe being functionally fit certainly pays dividends in your general health. We role model that in our house so its good to see it rubbing off.

Hayden picked up 3rd in the high jump and second place in the relay. Joel picked up a 3rd in his race.

I have included a heap of photos so I know where they are in 10 years time! Lets hope that hackers haven't crashed the web and the Internet still exists.
Hayden in the 200m

Hayden at Cross-Country

Boys after our first footy game this year

Joel at the start of his race

Joel gunning it!

Joel at the start - going hard, nice form
Joel and his ribbon

Boys and their ribbons

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