Sunday, 20 April 2014

Eddies Journey - My "Dad" Interview

I recently did an interview for my mate Luke Edwards' blog. The blog can be found here - RunPexRun Interview he is a new dad and like with all new dads is coming to terms with his new way of life.

In the blog I crap on a little bit, but the biggest take away part of how fatherhood has changed me is it has taught me to be more selfless. I am happy to give up a lot of things now for my family. Where running has helped is that it is "me" time. I see this as the theme through most running bloggers.

In a weird alignment of the stars, it looks like I might be in Melbourne for work on the same weekend as the Great Ocean Road Marathon - I am NOT in marathon PB shape but I think I could would really enjoy the day running and taking photos of Australia's most scenic marathon. I would have 7 weeks of running under my belt, which is NOT enough but makes for great writing material!

It will be marathon number 8, it 10 marathons has a nice ring to it! The plan is to get to 10 marathons this year and to be in PB shape by Melbourne Marathon in October.

I hope you enjoy the interview.


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