Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Week 3 Marathon Training OUCH

So training is going pretty well. Nothing too huge in volume just really working myself slowly into shape again. I am working on two things, the first is to ingrain my goal October marathon pace of 5.00min/km and the second thing is to work on my weaknesses (which is endurance).

Generally my week is 4 runs and 3 gym sessions. Runs 1 and 3 are long intervals, either 800m 1km, 1 mile or 2km with 2 minute recovery. Run 2 is at the moment a type of tempo so a warm up then 4-6km at 5.00pace. The idea for run 2 is to get back to running a solid 15km at 5.00 pace. Run 4 is a long run, which at the moment is 15km at 5.20 pace.

Monday - 6km at 5.00pace
Tuesday - 10 x 500s at 4.25 pace with 60 secs recovery
Thursday - 5km at 5.00 pace
Saturday - 15km at 5.20 pace

My idea this time around is not to do any "junk" running - that is for me at 6.00min/km pace. Where I am just cruising along. The main thing is that my gait is terrible at this pace and it just re-enforces bad running habits.

So my longer term goal is to be in 3.30 marathon shape by October. So plenty of longer runs at marathon pace or faster. In the past I have done shorter intervals and thought that they would transfer to good race times (for the 10km and 21km) but in knowing where my running strengths are I should be doing more longer race pace efforts. So for the marathon 15km at marathon pace mid week will be my goal, then a tempo at 1/2 marathon pace plus a speed session plus a long run.

In the past my long runs have also just been "for distance" so I am not stepping up the volume unless I am fit enough to handle it at either 5.20 pace or faster.

Everything else is going pretty well. My new Nike Pegasus arrived this week - so I feel like a marathoner again. My cupboard is full of Hammer Gels, on Saturday I have rejoined the long run group - which has been good.

On the last day of school Hayden ran his first Cross Country at school. As his birthday is the 20th of December he just made it in for the Under 9's, but he ran a sensible race and came in 6th! It was a really proud Dad moment. He ran and had fun with his friends!

I also gave in to the boys and got them a puppy! Milo is the new addition to the family!


At the end of the race!

Happy after the race

Milo and the boys - the new addition

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